David Clark Company

Quick Start Guide


Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn unit on or off
  • Solid yellow: Initializing
  • Flashing green: On
  • Flashing red: On, Low Batteries

Power (LED 'Dark' Mode)

First, press and hold Bluetooth button, then press and hold Power button
  • Power and Bluetooth LED will turn ON yellow
  • Release the Power ON button
  • Continue to hold Bluetooth button unitl yellow power ON LED turns OFF
  • Release Bluetooth button
  • Control Module is now in 'Dark' mode (no flashing Power LED)
  • Note that 'Low Batteries' red flashing LED will still function in 'Dark' mode


  • Set per type of intercom/audio panel
  • Factory default is "Mono"

Auto Shutoff

When set to ON, unit will turn OFF automatically after 5 minutes when:
  • Intercom/audio panel turned off
  • Not connected to intercom/audio panel
  • Not in a phone call
  • Factory default is "OFF"
Quick Start illustration

Volume Up/Down

  • Adjust listen level volume up or down
  • Left/right adjustments are independent
  • Only usable when power is ON; Levels default to max when unit is OFF

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on Bluetooth®:
  • Flashing purple: Initializing/Mute Disabled
  • Flashing green: On, Not Connected
  • Flashing yellow: Pairing Mode
  • Flashing blue: Paired and Connected/Mute ATC/Intercom Enabled
To Pair:
  • Turn Bluetooth® on (flashing green)
  • Press Bluetooth® button to enter pairing mode (flashing yellow)
  • Search for devices from your phone/device
  • Select DC ONE-X and initiate pairing on your device
  • If prompted for PIN code, enter 0 0 0 0 (four zeros)