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Comfort Technology

DC ONE-X Series headsets are designed to enhance your personal comfort in the cockpit. The head pad, utilizing Outlast® technology, responds to your constantly changing skin temperature to help keep you comfortable. Outlast® technology proactively manages the buildup of heat and moisture to help delay the onset of sweat, helping you stay comfortable even during longer flights. Here’s how it works:

Outlast Head Pad close up with logo

outlast diagram step 1
1. Your skin is exposed to temperature changes that affect the body’s microclimate.

outlast diagram step 2 and 3
2. When you overheat, your body naturally releases excess body heat and sweat to cool the skin.

3. Outlast® technology enables the head pad to absorb the excess heat and store it in patented Outlast® microcapsules called Thermocules™.

outlast diagram step 1
4. When you start to cool, the stored heat is released back to the top of the head.

outlast diagram step 5
5. The result is a constant 'comfort zone' between the head pad and the top of your head ─ no excess heat buildup or hot spots.