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Pricing is now available at the David Clark Company web store.
The DC ONE-X and DC ONE-XP (Panel Mount) headsets are available for purchase direct from David Clark Company, Inc. or through authorized resellers. To purchase direct from David Clark Company, go to the web store. To find a local aviation dealer, go to http://www.davidclarkcompany.com/aviation/
The newest feature is a soft fabric head pad that utilizes Outlast® Technology. The head pad actually absorbs and stores excess heat buildup to keep the top of your head cool and eliminate "hot spots". Read more about how Outlast Technology works here. Additional features include an extremely lightweight yet very rugged alloy suspension; very comfortable, over-the-ear leatherette ear seals; best in class active noise attenuation (30dB @ 150Hz); Bluetooth® Wireless Technology (cell phone/aux. music), auto shut-off, and a convenient headset carry bag. See all headset features here.
The Bluetooth® feature allows you to make and receive phone calls as well as listen to your favorite music when paired with cell phones, MP3, tablets or other Bluetooth® compatible devices.
  • When receiving or transmitting, music will mute. When transmission is completed music volume will gradually return to previously set level. Cell phone communications will not mute.
  • When using a Bluetooth® compatible device volume adjustment is done on the device itself not by the headset volume controls.
  • With Bluetooth® Wireless Technology no adapter cords are required with compatible devices.
The DC ONE-X and –XP have passive attenuation and exceptional electronic noise cancellation (30 dB @ 150Hz) through the range of 20Hz-1KHz, for outstanding ANR performance.
Yes. DC ONE-X Series headsets have been verified through extensive flight testing in both turboprop and jet aircraft for General and Commercial Aviation applications.
An important feature of the DC ONE-X Series is true "fail-safe" operation. No interruption of communication can result from failure of the ENC system or its power source. (Note: Cell Phone, Music and Auxiliary input devices will not operate without battery power).
The DC ONE-X weighs just 12.3 ounces.
The adjustable headband suspension assembly features multiple detent positions for proper fit and is fully adjustable to your personal comfort preference.
Yes, the DC ONE-X Series headsets are compatible and will not create any degradation in communication.
All David Clark Aviation Headsets come with a 5 year warranty and are backed by industry-leading customer service.
A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is provided on DC ONE-X Series headsets.
We do not offer a buyback, upgrade, or exchange program at this time.
Yes, unlike several competitive models, DC ONE-X Series headsets are TSO-C139a approved.
  • Leatherette Ear Seals (1 pair) P/N 15976P-07
  • Outlast® Technology Head Pad P/N 15977P-04
  • Microphone Protector P/N 40062G-05
  • M-55 Microphone P/N 09168P-66
  • Control Module Clip P/N 41068G-03

To order spare parts go to our web store, www.davidclark.com/Store or call 800-298-6235 for more ordering information.